Line Rhythms

“Positive Vibrations”

John Swift uses color and form to create rhythmical compositions that stimulate the eye like music stimulates the ear.

Swift’s work is full of energy and life, yet balanced and spacious enough for the overall effect to be relaxing and meditative.  Each color and form harmonizes and vibrates like the chords in a tango. He uses intense colors and clean lines to maximize impact and create the illusion of depth.  The feeling that Swift’s work embodies is one of carefree fun with tropical ambience.  His “Positive Vibrations” series creates small worlds where your eyes can come to play as often as they like.

As an artist, John Swift always seeks, always tries new things, and always has fun.  He hopes that sense of enjoyment and fun comes through in each finished piece.

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About The Gallery

Mavi Contemporary Art showcases fine art, paintings, sculptures, glass, photography, and original prints from a select group of contemporary artists. With the remodel, the front vault is now available for installation pieces as well. Sculpture now has a stronger focus in the gallery already considered a “must see” in Tacoma. Mavi and Elizabeth plan to support the work of local artists in addition to bring in artists from around the world.