Charlie Barr

Charlie Barr is a Seattle-based artist who works in oil and acrylic on canvas, and cement and acrylic on board. His paintings intend to set a mood or evoke an emotion.  Any social interpretation is rare and should be subtle at best. Barr appreciates the timelessness and tradition of the painting medium. It is a welcome departure from the technology so present in our daily lives.

Barr's goal is to create pieces which range from representational to abstract, with a focus on color, contrast and balance. The quality of the painting should not diminish, whether viewed from ten feet or eight inches away. He believes it is crucial to use texture and brush techniques to hold a viewers attention up close. It is also necessary to have a strong composition to hold the viewers interest at a greater distance. Every inch of the canvas should hold movement without making a sacrifice to the overall composition. Barr enjoys oils due to the depth and texture he can achieve. People continue to want to reach out and feel the canvas.