Rick Gregg

Rick Gregg’s work is largely influenced by the simplicity of form and expression found in primitive works. His art offers little embellishments of realistic detail, as ample vision is acquired through his subtle lines of expression.

In childhood, nature began as a strong influence in Gregg’s life. Touched by the Southwestern landscape, Gregg is especially taken by glyphs and cave paintings. He was introduced to metal at a job in a wrought iron shop and fell in love with working metal and grew skilled at welding.   He gradually added wood, stone and glass to expand his pallet, and now incorporates cement as an essential element in many of his sculptures.

Gregg begins with an emotional concept and moves it into a visual experience through physical form. He finds a need to constantly experiment with materials, in order to convey succinctly what he strives to express. Gregg’s work draws from a perpetual world in continual change. He offers alternative lenses and viewpoints into his created world.