Christopher Mathie

Christopher Mathie has spent a lifetime constantly observing, questioning and creating.  His current fast paced, high-energy painting technique appears spontaneous to on-lookers, but his confident bold marks have been long in the making.  Now in his late-thirties, Mathie has committed himself to artistic expression in the same tireless manner as with his first gallery exhibition in 1992, at the age of 21.  Christopher has made a living with his artwork for nearly two decades.

Mathie’s signature style focuses on deconstructing images to their most important lines and organic forms. He strives to capture energetic movement, emotion and shapes essential to communicate his ideas in paint. Mathie’s goal is to capture the essence of things. As he states, “My intention is to stylize forms into something more like poetry. When I trust myself, knowing my marks are "correct without editing... the work flows easily and the joy I feel is immense.”

Christopher Mathie received an art degree from the University of Puget Sound in Washington State. His paintings are currently represented by major U.S. galleries in New York, California, Oregon and Washington state.