Slouching Toward Utopia

While others practice “deaccession,” Tacoma fosters awesome Islamic mural pieces and two new galleries

by Joe Malik on August 13, 2010. Weekly Volcano.

It’s getting bad out there. Museums in New York are trying to sell art to make ends meet. That prompted legislation that would prevent New York cultural institutions from selling art to cover everyday operating costs. Museums call it “deaccession,” which usually happens when museums want to buy more art by selling art that’s lost some of its luster.¬†The New York Times called selling art to cover expenses a “misuse of funds that jeopardizes preserving cultural heritage as a public trust.”

Meanwhile, closer to home, art continues to be represented by independent and private collectors, organizations, and other crazy people who refuse to believe that we’re on the brink of the complete economic collapse.

{…} ¬†Making a debut is Mavi Contemporary Art (Sixth and South Fawcett), which will occupy the space occupied by Two Vaults.

Mavi and Elizabeth Ashe are a mother and daughter team, and have been working to transform Two Vaults since June. Mavi is a painter, and her daughter has degrees from Cornell and the Art Institute of Chicago. The debut showing will showcase the work of Gig Harbor Artist William Quinn and several others.